Tango Alakulo combines art genres from music and dance to acting and design. Breaking the standard mold of concert and going far beyond usual stage entertainment, it has a fresh and rare view on how music and visuals collaborate. Its narrative has the form of a theatrical play, telling us the story of Finland’s history, from independency to the present day and from a very personal perspective.

In Tango Alakulo the stage comes alive almost like the lobby of an old hotel. The customers are artists from different fields, they meet and mingle, turning the convention into a unique event of creativity.
Skillfully played music, fashion design, choreography, dance and charismatic acting are ingredients in a mixture which can only be experienced in it’s organic and live format.
The music in Tango Alakulo has elements of traditional tango, but it is first and foremost urban music of our time. It fuses tricks and techniques of modern concert and popular music with the improvisatory aesthetics of jazz.